BGCS SAUDI ARAMCO operates the world’s largest single hydrocarbon network, the Master Gas System (MGS). The MGS is a gas gathering and processing system built in the mid-1970s, and has been the backbone of the country's industrial network since the system’s completion in 1982. The MGS enables SAUDI ARAMCO to use or market nearly all the gas associated with oil production and all non-associated gas produced from deep gas reservoirs.

The purpose of the Phase II expansion facilities is to meet increased demand in the Central and Western Regions by providing 9.6 BSCFD of gas by 2016 through the installation of new pipelines and Booster Gas Compressor Stations#1.

The Booster Gas Compression Stations (BGCS) #1 is a part of the Master Gas System (MGS) in Eastern Province which will increased demand in the Eastern, Central and Western Regions by providing 9.6 BSCFD of gas by 2018

Master gas system (MSG)

Booster gas compression station – I (Al Hasa)

Booster gas compression station– III (Khurais)

Booster gas compression station – V (Dhurma)


Scope of Work:

Excavation of Soil & Rock


Site Preparation.

Camp Construction.

Concrete Foundation

Steel Structure Erection.

Road Works

Asphalt Pavement.

Road Marking

Flood Protection Bund


Painting of building

Electrical Works.

Cable Pulling

Fire and Safety

Backfilling Material Supply

Manpower Services

Equipment Rental




Aluminum Cladding

Water proofing

Stormed Water Drainage

Gypsum & Ceiling Works.

Concrete blocks & Plastering Works

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